Zap lobster

CrustaStun inventor hopes to bring his device to the Maritimes.  Not everyone’s into it.

Chef Dennis Johnson at Fid Resto in downtown Halifax prefers the traditional method of plunging a live lobster into boiling water, and he said he doesn’t feel bad about it.

“Not at all,” he said. “They’re insects.”

He said neither the $100,000 industrial-size version nor the $3,500 home version would make its way into his restaurant anytime soon.

“It sounds like an awfully expensive piece of equipment to do that,” said Johnson. “It makes for an interesting discussion, but when [customers] are eating their lobster they really don’t think too much about it.”

Colin MacDonald, the chief executive officer of Clearwater Seafoods, is also not sold on the idea.

“A lobster has a very simple nervous system. It wouldn’t have anything similar to what we would call pain,” he said.


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