Salmon inquiry

Harper calls it.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is calling a judicial inquiry into the collapse of the Fraser River sockeye run last summer.The run, predicted to total about 10.6 million fish, was only about 1.37 million.

On her blog, biologist Alexandra Morton thanked everyone who had written and called their MPs to demand the inquiry:

When an animal demonstrates a pattern this bold (the fish migrating north disappeared, while the fish moving south flourished), it is possible to decipher the cause. However, DFO has thwarted progress with a torrent of highly contradictory and confusing misinformation.

The purpose of a Judicial Inquiry is to reveal the facts and then make recommendations to government. It is run by a judge and testimony is given under oath. Our sockeye are at the moment of no return. If there had been a Judicial Inquiry into DFO’s management of our North Atlantic cod stocks, certain DFO scientists would have been allowed to speak earlier and we would still have those fish stocks.

I feel cautiously optimistic. Our salmon are dying of conflicted, tangled politics which we now have the opportunity to sort out.

Here’s that blog.


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