Against animal testing

An opinion piece by the director of communications for the Animal Defense & Anti-Vivisection Society of BC.

When you get a headache, would you reach for a pain medication of which a single dose is fatal to a cat, by way of kidney failure? Perhaps. That medication is acetaminophen, most commonly marketed as Tylenol. Worried about Tylenol? You might prefer aspirin. Today, 29 billion aspirin a year are sold in the United States and twice that number are sold worldwide. Aspirin is used not only for pain relief and fever reductions but also for the prevention of strokes and heart attacks and other illnesses. Aspirin causes birth defects in mice and rats and results in such serious blood abnormalities in cats that they can tolerate only 20 percent of the human dosage every third day. How about ibuprofen, which most people know as Advil or Motrin? Ibuprofen causes kidney failure in dogs, even at very low doses.

All medications in use today can cause a serious side effect in some animal. If researchers persevere, inculcating enough species with high enough dosages, illness will eventually result. Hence, if we truly withheld from the public any medications based on its negative impact on non-humans, we would have no medications today. This fact alone destroys any justification for continued animal testing.


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