Bad review

The coordinator of the Seal and Sealing Network is no longer an Animal Collective fan.

In a letter to Exclaim!, SSN’s David F. Barry informed us that he’s trashed the Animal Collective album he owned after reading that the band are supporting the ad series, writing that AC are not so much “joining forces” with PETA “as being snowballed by the barrage of crap that makes up PETA’s loosely laden bandwagon of ‘seal-hunt stoppers.’”

He also adds, “Isn’t it strange that they choose album titles like Feels when they put such low priority in their own senses?”

For those unfamiliar with the SSN, in an interview with Exclaim!, Barry explains, “The SSN operates under the Fur Institute of Canada. The overall structure of our organization is ‘roundtable,’ with membership across provincial governments, fur-industry sectors, trappers’ and hunters’ — e.g., sealers’ — organizations, animal-welfare advocates and researchers — veterinary interests — and conservationists. We’re advocates and spokespeople for the conservation and animal-welfare interests across Canada’s fur industry.”


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