Beavers catch break

St. Catharines won’t trap them.

Parks and recreation director Rick Lane said in a report to council Monday that the Ministry of Natural Resources permits the trapping and killing of beavers, especially if they are causing damage or threatening to cause flooding. Lane recommended the city be allowed to trap and kill beavers if they are considered a hazard.

But animal activist Kimberly Costello pleaded with councillors not to kill.

“Niagara Action for Animals belives that any form of lethal control is inhumane as it involves the suffering and death of animals,” Costello told councillors.

She said the Conibear trap used by Niagara Falls trapper Stewart Frerotte often fails to kill quickly. It’s supposed to snap shut on a beaver’s neck, but instead it can pin the animal by the stomach, limb or even snout, and the beaver “struggles and dies an agonizing death by drowing,” she said.


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