Greyhounds retire to Moncton

Maritimers have adopted 400 greyhounds from Massachusetts racetracks.

“One of the reasons I think that these dogs in particular make such great pets is the fact that, a lot of people think their dogs are human like, but these guys, honestly, are family members that, you just can’t explain it,” said Levasseur, an animal behaviour specialist.

“Once you get into greyhounds, it’s really hard to look at other breeds again.”

Jim O’Donnell, who takes care of the dogs at a track in Massachusetts, drove the dogs to Moncton.

“It’s just nice knowing that they have a place to go, that they’re all set once they leave our kennel,” he said.

In greyhound racing, the dogs chase a lure, commonly an artificial rabbit, around a track until they reach the finish line.

A greyhound’s racing career typically ends between the ages of four and six.

Some of the best dogs are kept for breeding but many retired dogs are put down.


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